Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Funny Birthday Cakes Suggestions

We all want to celebrate our birthdays in a fun and memorable way. Of course, birthdays are our way of celebrating life. It is our guide in life that we are no longer getting younger. Each birthday as we aged, it is expected of us to become more mature and responsible individuals. But, birthdays should be special and funny. Here are some of the funny birthday cakes suggestions which will surely bring fun to the birthday celebrant as well as to the guests.  

Funny birthday cakes come in different objects and shapes.

They also depict meaning which are describing the birthday celebrant through the cake we serve during his or her birthday. Animals are being depicted on birthday cakes. For instance, for a birthday celebrant who loves dogs, a cake which is design as a dog will be perfect for him or her. While, for someone who loves cats, a cake cat will be great for the birthday celebrant.

A birthday celebrant who lists horse riding as one of his or her hobbies, deserves a horse cake – a cake shaped with a horse head. For food lovers out there! Someone who likes to eat pizza should be prepared a pizza cake. This cake is decorated with pizza toppings which will really look like a pizza. For a birthday celebration who loves to eat in fast foods, a cake shaped and designed as French fries or burger will be great to describe him or her as a person.  

For a Dreamer

For those who are dreaming for a happy ending like those in fairy tale stories, a castle cake will be the perfect cake design for that person. While others prefer a cake shaped like the little mermaid who like the story of Ariel and her prince. For those who are avid fans of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, I am sure he or she would love to have a pirate cake. For those who love the Disney princesses, they will choose to have a princess cake.  

For an adventurer

Still, looking for other funny birthday cakes suggestions? Here’s more! For those who love fun, games and sports, the kind of sports or game equipment should be considered in giving these birthday celebrants their cakes.

For example, for a football varsity player, a football will be great for him or her. While for someone who likes to play cards, a paying card with the design of a king or a queen or a jack will fit his or her taste. For a birthday celebrant who is a guitar player, a guitar cake will make him or her happy.

For someone who is an NBA fan, a cake shaped like a basketball will fit his liking. For a sophisticated girl who likes to collect handbags, a handbag cake will be great for her as her birthday cake. Shaping a cake into funny objects and designs are not the only way to make funny birthday cakes suggestions.

The dedication you put on top of the cake is also one way to make it funny. For instance, putting these phrases as dedication on top of a birthday cake will bring smile on your lips: “We’re glad you found a new job, because we never really liked you. ” – is for someone who has just been hired in his or her new job. “You’re dead to us now, hope you fail.” – is for someone who just ventured to a new business or just reached another chapter of his or her life.