Wednesday, November 20, 2013

List of Necessary Catering Supplies

Catering is nothing but cooking and providing food at commercial places like hotels, public houses or events like wedding, parties or at any other places. This is usually done on a contract basis. Though catering provides food and beverages for events it is not similar to event management. Event management is a vast subject in which catering forms a small part.

Those who are very much interested in cooking delicious dishes can opt for catering as their career. Now-a-days people are extremely busy and hence go for caterers for any event they want to organize. So there is a huge demand for caterers who become popular with their quality of food and services. No matter how big or small your catering business is the profit margin is huge.

There will be usually 66% of pre-tax profits for the caterers but when you consider the overheads this figure becomes reliable. You can lower the overheads to even zero to make your profits dependable. If you decide to start a catering business it is important to know which type of catering you are interested in to make your business successful.

We list the types of catering business opportunities depending on which you may have to identify the catering supplies:
• Special events
• Social catering
• Corporate catering
• Community affairs
• Kosher catering
• Wine and bar services
• Full event management services

Depending upon the type of the catering business you want to start, you may have to consult florists, department store heads, and musicians etc. to organize the things. You may need to make a deal with all of them to continue the relationship.

Coming to the equipment that you need for your catering business the criteria depends on the type of service you offer and the size of the business. But whatever may be the criteria serving platters and serving utensils are a must for any catering service.

Equipment required to ensure the food to be hot or cold should be acquired. Linens, napkins, table decorations and centerpieces are all required to make the place presentable to the guests. You may need to take care of transportation of food and equipment so purchase of a suitable vehicle would be advantageous. If you want to start the catering business from home then you may take the catering supplies for rent to keep the investment less initially. This may reduce the profit margin but it is always better to avoid any risk of mismanagement.

We provide a list of the catering supplies that you may need for your business.
• Knives
• Utensils
• Blender
• Chopping boards
• Food storage containers
• Mixers
• Pans spoons
• Refrigerators
• Freezer
• Coolers
• Cooling van
• Dispensers
• Oven
• Microwaves
• Table top
• Rolling carts
• Van
• Uniforms
• Gloves
• Garbage bags for dirty linen
• Extra bus tubs for dirty dishes
• Tin foil

The above mentioned catering supplies are compulsorily required by any catering business. You cannot run for the things once the event has started. So everything should be kept in place well before the commencement of the event. Catering supplies should be taken care of for a smooth running of your catering business.